CSR Code of Conduct

Tomoe System Inc. aims to be a company that is trusted by society. All staff shall fully observe the laws, regulations, internal rules and corporate ethics that are fundamental to our corporate management.
We have also established the following 10 articles as our CSR code of conduct to raise the awareness of staff, and shall steadily implement these articles throughout our company .

1. Observance of laws, regulations and social norms
We observe laws, regulations, internal rules and the spirit thereof. We implement fair and impartial corporate activities in compliance with social norms and strive to be a company trusted by society.
2. Creation of a comfortable and motivating workplace environment
  1. (1)We respect the human rights and diversity of staff and aim to create a fair and safe workplace environment where staff can fulfill their abilities and strengths.
  2. (2)We strive to create a workplace where staff always pursue self-improvement, maximize their potential and achieve self-fulfillment.
3. Establishment of trusting relationships with customers
  1. (1)We offer products and services that satisfy customer needs as well as correct information related to these, and build business relationships in accordance with fair rules, based on mutual trust.
  2. (2)We strictly forbid corruption. We never give or receive entertainment or gifts that are beyond the scope of social common sense.
4. Obtaining understanding and trust through fair and honest management
We obtain understanding and trust from society through fair and honest corporate management and internal control.
5. Communication with society
We respect the views of all stakeholders, including shareholders, staff, customers, suppliers and local residents.
We offer corporate information accurately and respond sincerely as a member of society through corporate activities where we place importance on communication with society.
6. Proper information management
  1. (1)We acknowledge the importance of trade and technical secret, as well as the intellectual property and personal information of our company and others. We manage the information appropriately so that it will not be leaked to outside parties.
  2. (2)We properly store all records and information on our business activities that are required under laws, regulations, rules and internal rules.
7. Contribution to local communities and society
  1. (1)We contribute to society through our business activities.
  2. (2)As good corporate citizens, we operate in harmony with local communities and society.
8. Contribution to environmental conservation
  1. (1)To contribute to environmental conservation as well as the creation of a prosperous society through our business activities, we strive to develop and offer environmentally friendly products with excellent performance.
  2. (2)We all understand and are aware of resource and energy conservation when conducting business tasks, and aim to create an environmentally friendly workplace.
9. Sound relationship with governments and administrative authorities
We maintain a sound and transparent relationship with governments and administrative authorities, and never have improper, collusive relationships or take any unfair actions.
10. Response to anti-social forces
We take a firm stand against any anti-social individual or group that threatens social order and security , and never form any relationship with them.