Diversity & Inclusion, Health and Productivity Management Policy

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Respect, exercise and develop, and create

Building an organization in which staff respect each other's diversity, exercise and develop their abilities and potential, and create new value

  1. We endeavor to create a corporate culture where staff respect each other's diversity in terms of gender, age, nationality, race, religion, social standing, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, sense of value, workstyle and other individual characteristics, and where they learn from each other and can play active roles and advance together.
  2. All staff work vibrantly and maximize their abilities and potential as professionals and individuals.
  3. By participating in organization management on their own initiative and bringing out excellent teamwork, staff innovate for globalization and technological innovation, and create new value.

Health and Productivity Management Policy

We ensure health and safety so that staff,
our most precious asset, can fully exercise their abilities, potential and individuality,
and implement activities to prevent workplace accidents and maintain and enhance the physical and mental health of staff.