Message from Top Management

In a world with increasing uncertainty,
we generate new value with a spirit of co-creation.

The global economy is projected to triple in size by 2050, compared to the 2014 level (according to PwC's research ). In line with this trend, Tomoe System has been broadening its horizons overseas as well as in Japan, has expanded its bases in the United States, China and Thailand, and has been establishing its global supply structure steadily. However, as there appears to be a shift in economic power from developed countries to developing countries, market uncertainty is increasing more than ever. Under such circumstances, the permanence of the accumulated knowledge and expertise of companies is not guaranteed. When the global economic power structure changes dramatically, companies must also continue changing. Change is nothing but a new challenge. In light of this background, we maintain a spirit of co-creation. Our roles involve not only procuring and selling goods but also offering new, innovative value by connecting companies through our extensive expertise and wealth of information. In the future market where there will be increasing demand for automation, information technology, electrification and computerization, we expect that there will be more chances to demonstrate our value. Utilizing our strengths to take on the challenge of changes based on trust, we will strive to contribute to the development of the global economy with the companies and people with whom we have business relationships.


Based on the trust of stakeholders,
contributing to a sound future through our ability to build connections