Construction and Mining Machinery

Industry leading results in discovering quality products and technologies around the world

Tomoe System handles almost 8,000 products for the construction machinery sector. We provide a wide range of products, from large parts such as steering systems, propeller shafts, and fuel tanks to sensors and rubber hoses. Furthermore, we have achieved industry leading records in Japan for handling peripheral parts that enable comfortable operation. Utilizing the advantages of our accumulated knowhow, we are focusing on information technology (IT), automation, electrification, computerization and environmental performance products. We will respond to a variety of needs with suggestions that extend beyond the supply of parts, such as by jointly developing remote control systems that reduce the burden on machine operators as well as products with excellent environmental performance.

Our products are used in almost 100% of excavators in Japan and 70% globally

Tomoe System has done business with almost 100% of major excavator manufacturers in Japan. We are an industry-leading trading company that has achieved great business results with overseas manufacturers and suppliers. We are responding to a variety of customer needs, contributing to the development of technologies for construction and mining machinery as well as industry growth. We will continue to strive to establish a structure to supply products with information technology (IT), automation, electrification and computerization, which the market requires, and will also endeavor to develop new products through our ability to connect business entities.

Business links with over 800 overseas parts manufacturers

Not limited to exporting Japanese products to local companies abroad, we engage in the development of new local suppliers overseas and procure quality products from all over the world via our original routes. We also strive to supply highly reliable products by ensuring the quality of products procured from local suppliers. While reducing logistics costs such as by locally procuring products for abroad, we jointly develop products with excellent environmental performance together with manufacturers. We continue to respond to diverse needs, offering solutions that extend beyond the supply of parts.

Promoting manufacturing not bound by past business results and know-how

The global economy is forecast to confront increasing uncertainty in the future. When the market changes significantly and rapidly, the accumulated knowhow and results of companies will not necessarily be as useful as they once were. Using the business links we built with global manufacturers and suppliers as a backbone, we aim for further growth by creating products, services and businesses from the ground up. Moreover, economic power is gradually shifting from developed countries to developing countries. Due to the infrastructure and other construction in developing countries, demand for construction and mining machinery is expected to further increase. Using these market changes as an opportunity, we aim to expand our business faster than ever.